A Lonely Pawn

Don’t Let Your Eye’s Fool You

Lets talk about this post!

I’ve been watching some of the comments about about this post 

for a couple of days, waiting to see if anyone notices.

whats wrong with this picture?

What are you not seeing?

First let’s look at the chess board setup. 

Pawns can not move backwards, so we know the pawn is not in the back row and the picture above does not show this. Another thing that stands out is the pawn being alone. A pawn can not be the only piece on the board!

There has to be a king somewhere and the pawn would have to be protecting it. I don’t know about you, but I’m not after the Pawn.

 So I ask you, where’s the CheckMate.

One thought on “A Lonely Pawn

  1. The CheckMate lies in the Bishop, the Pawn is effectively contained and cannot continue forward at this time, as far as the Kings position his best spot would be directly behind the Pawn. This is speculation without seeing the big picture.


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