Searching In The Box ‘TRIP 94″

Hunt 94 Another search here and gone..

Nothing like the peace and tranquillity of the mountains.

End do a rainbow

Had a great trip, was not chest productive though. Seems like I’m going in circles again. I’ve found a lot of these little traps along the way, but the one at the very end is the most difficult. Wondering what is real and what is not, will drive a searcher crazy. I’m glad I was spending my time in the mountain instead of fighting and arguing on my texting machine. Some people just don’t get it, no matter how many times it’s been said.

My trip brought me back to the same location again. Trying to figure out quickly down is tedious task. I know just by reading this, you may think “how hard can it be” and I say to you “if you think the poem is hard just wait”

I don’t really consider myself searching anymore, I’m more into recovery mode. I know I’ve found the final resting place and keeping it a secret is exhausting, with all the traffic passing by. At this point I only get a small window of opertunity and then its wait another day.


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