The Mad Hatter And I

Search 93 Begins Tonight!

Yeah! On the road again..

I’m not sure yet, what all I will share.

But check back for updates.

I do have a very long drive to get where I need to be

 My search begins in the middle night.  If your worried about bears or Mountain lions then I would not recommend doing this.  The darkness  hides many dangers.  I had a couple of spots I had to check out and hunting in the dark plays into my theory.  The only thing is, your limited on time. I started out just after 9:00 and headed straight to my intended location.  The weather was still rather warm and there was a slight rain falling.  I searched for about 3 hours or so,  with no luck. I can’t tell you much about what I was doing,  but I will say I have found a little trickery in the poem at this point. 

My search continues

I have never said what I found on any blog. Forrest is the only one who knows about it. This is the only reason I will never give up on my location and is also the reason why I’m so sure of it. I know I show many photos of places and show I’m headed certain direction but that is for my own protection. It is proof of “people believe what they see”. Well anyway, I’m back out in the daylight and headed straight  back to the spot.

My search continues

As I sit here resting on a bench beneath the speckled shade of a few pinion trees and the knowledge that I’m within reach of the chest.  I struggle with the thought that I’m running out of time and the longer I linger, the more attention I draw to myself. I know this is the spot and I know what the poem wants me to believe, but I can’t seem to figure out how the chest is hidden.  I have been to this spot many times with a new ideas,  but each time they don’t produce results.   I’m missing something and I just keep running out of time and energy each trip looking. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to this spot so I think I’m calling it a day.  If anyone realized the significance of the place,  treasure hunters would tear it apart.


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