Many of you may remember and some of you may be to young to remember the movie Phenomenon.

The 1996 movie Phenomenon staring John Travolta (George Malley) who has an unexplainable event happen in his life.

I bring this up because it’s the best way to describe what I see when viewing the poem. You see when I read the poem, I see something, that everyone else seems to overlook and George Malley is a good example to use to describe how I see the poem.

The movie starts off where George has a problem with a rabbit that keeps getting into his garden. George built a fence around the garden to protect it from the rabbit but the rabbit still seemed to get in. He has even taken extra measures by burying the fence a foot and a half under the ground and still the rabbit gets in. George Is frustrated by this and just can’t figure out how the rabbit keeps getting past the fence. It’s not until George’s encounter with a bright light in the sky that alters the way he views and understands things. Now that George is looking at the problem from a different view, he suddenly understands what was happening. It wasn’t that the rabbit was getting through the fence, it was that George had fenced the rabbit inside the fence and the rabbit would hide when George was around. This movie is great and I do recommend this movie if you have not seen it. 

I don’t know why I’m trying to explain this and I guess what I’m really trying to say is “it’s not what your reading, it’s how your reading it” . I wish I could tell you what I see and what it has led me too, but I can’t do that. Who knows, maybe I will be able to show you the treasure some day. If you follow the poem you get a great adventure, if you follow the nine clues “well, you know”