Smarter Every Day

Decrypting The Poem

I loved Forrest’s recent post

smarter every day

I can’t explain it but something happened to me

and the video about the backwards bicycle reminds me of the change.

I  have discovered my perception of things are not what they used to be.

I don’t want to get into the whole story of how it happened

but it did. So, I understand what Destin is talking about when he says

he did something, that damaged his mind.

here is a link to that video if you haven’t seen it yet

Smarter every day

“you’ll ignore the poem at your own peril”

Forrest Fenn 

In order to decrypt the poem you need the key.

I’m not going to give the solution away here

but I will try to help you understand what is going on

With the poem.

“Knowledge is not Understanding”

It’s not you, it’s your brains way of thinking.

Your brains blueprint.

You need to change it, in order to understand and see what your missing.

Have you ever heard “he/she is set in his/her ways”

Your brain naturally sees, hears, thinks, and reacts to the way 

your lifes experiences have programmed it.


Allow me to give a small demonstration

Let’s see if we can’t change your perception to the hunt

or at least give your hunt a huge boost in the right direction.

Scroll back up and get one more look at the poem! 

Then, follow these 4 easy steps

Step one