Finding Pie

Well, I’m out again. This is search 92 

This has been my third trip in a sixteen day period.

I’m more than confident I’m searching the right place

Just having trouble figuring out how the chest is hidden.

Day one was not a success however I did have some interesting finds

Finding pie was one of them, and the story is both sad and funny at the same time…

Surly everyone remembers this illustration for TTotC

The stealing of the pie from the Totem Cafe.

I’m going to try my best to tell this story without revealing to much

about my search area. So here goes nothin!

 Everyone meet Pie and Pie meet everyone

Pie was discovered with the use of a metal detector in an attempt to learn whether

or not not Forrest buried the chest or covered it over with rocks, dirt, or debri…

I believe if he did, it would be rather shallow and not very deep at all.

While detecting around a large key object in my search area, I got a ton of signals.

This signal ended up being Pie. Pie was buried by a little girl that was heartbroken 

after discovering Pie had died. She wrote a note and placed Pie in this litte tin casket. 

You see, Pie was her pet Goldfish. I do not show a picture of Pie because I do feel bad for this little girl

and we all can understand how she must have felt when this happened. 

Oh and please don’t worry, Pie is still resting safe and sound! 

But Yeah, after a 17 hour drive in a rental car and expenses.

Illinoisghost decrypted a Goldfish!


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