The Four Omegas

Yes, that’s correct ” The Four Omegas”

If you have read The Thrill of the Chase

Then you have most likely taken notice to the two omegas

In the back of the book Found on page 148 

These symbols have raised many questions with searchers

Over the past years. However, many do not know they are not the only ones 

Found in TTotC. There are actually four omegas found within the book.

The other two are not as obvious but I guarantee you they are there.  

So if omegas play a role in your theory you may want to take another look in TTotC.


3 thoughts on “The Four Omegas

  1. I believe they play a role. I had a few different reasonings for them. My last view is that omega is end and for some reason he doubles the end – emphasis (like Hawaiian language)? or multiple endings (like movies)? Hopefully, at the end of the chase, we will know for sure.

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