People assume the poem is intended to guide them to the treasure and it will, however treasure maps and things like the poem are not intended for us, there intended to help Fenn find/remember where he hid it.

Eighty Eight Searches Now!


The thrill of the chase

Illinoisghost and Forrest Fenn the thrill of the chase

Forrest has said not to start in the middle!
The poem will lead you directly to it if followed precisely!

So here is my question
Why do you search your area?

I keep seeing post on all the blogs about what state to search in. If the poem leads you to it, then the poem tells you were you are to start. You can not find wwwh without first knowing where to look! Yes, it does say begin it there but you need to know where there is!

Think about it…

The thrill of the chase

Forrest Fenn poker poem


This is the way to go! Living The Dream…



Rainbow from the beach in Hawaii

Forrest fenn

Forrest Fenn the thrill of the chase

Coming soon

Gho$t Adventures. Where the treasure lies.  Coming soon!


“There it is.  That is the one from my scrapbook.”
What you think?